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Indian Bead Toggle Bracelet

Here are instructions for making a hand knotted bracelet with a toggle clasp. The toggle clasp makes it easy to put the bracelet on and take it off.

The size of beads and components is very important with bracelets. You may have to experiment a bit if you don't use the same exact materials that I used. Here is what you need for this bracelet:

  • 3 7x10x5mm each of blue, peach, and green Indian beads

  • 10 4mm clear round Czech glass beads

  • 2 size .034" sterling silver bead tips

  • 2 3.8mm sterling silver jump rings

  • 1 small sterling silver toggle clasp with ball ends

  • 40 inches of size 3, medium white nylon thread

The order of the beads is 1 clear bead, 1 peach bead, 1 clear, 1 blue, 1 clear, 1 green.

Thread the nylon cord on a twisted wire needle, and leave it doubled with a knot at the end. Start with a bead tip and then a 4mm clear bead, and end with a 4mm clear bead and a bead tip. Attach a jump ring to each end of the toggle clasp with chain nose pliers. Instructions for working with the toggle clasp and bead tips are the same as for fishhook clasps described here.

This bracelet is 7 inches long when finished. Knots are placed between each bead. If you don't hand knot this bracelet, you will have to add more beads to get the right length.

The Indian beads in this necklace were handcrafted for EE Beads.

Toggle Clasp Bracelet