Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces

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Pearl and Tiger-eye Necklace

This is an elegant but affordable alternative to cultured pearls. You need the following to make this necklace:

  • 66 6mm white potato fresh water pearls
  • 30 6mm tiger-eye beads
  • 20 5mm 14k gold saucers shaped spacer beads
  • about 135 inches of white size 2 nylon thread
  • a medium gold clasp and two .029" bead gold tips

The order of the beads is:

  • 6 pearls
  • tiger-eye, saucer, tiger-eye, saucer, tiger-eye

Start with 6 pearls and end with 6 pearls. The clasp takes the place of the tiger-eye beads. Also, there are no knots placed between the tiger eye beads and the gold beads, as they take the place of the knot. The finished necklace is about 28 inches long. I know you are supposed to use silk with pearls, but I wanted to try the size 2 nylon thread to see if it was the right weight, and it is!

Pearl and Tiger-eye Necklace

Peach Pearl Necklace

Here is another less formal way to use fresh water pearls. This necklace uses the following beads:

  • 100 5.5mm peach button fresh water pearls
  • 26 4mm frosted aqua blue Czech glass beads
  • about 135 inches of size D beige silk thread

The order of the beads is:

  • four pearls
  • 1 blue bead

The finished length of this necklace is 30 inches.

Peach Pearl Necklace