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Teach yourself how to make a 26 inch long necklace that will fit over your head without a clasp. This project is fairly easy and does not require any special tools or materials. To make this necklace you will need three different sizes of beads, a 36 inch strand of beading cord, and super glue. You will need a fairly heavy beading cord for this project.

I used a size 3 nylon bead cord called stringth. Bead stores often sell nylon or silk cord on cards with a needle attached, which would be perfect for this project. If you use this you won't have to form a needle with the super glue. Whichever cord you choose, just remember to make sure that it will go through the large bead twice.

For my necklace I used the following beads:

  • Small Beads: 132 4mm glass beads
  • Medium Beads: 11 6mm glass beads
  • Large Beads: 11 8mm glass beads

Cut a 36 inch strand of bead cord and tie a knot at one end. You may have to tie a second knot around the first to form a large enough knot to keep the beads from falling off while you are stringing them. Coat the other end of the cord with super glue to form a needle so that it will be easier to string the beads.

String the beads in this order:

1 Large Bead, 6 Small Beads, 1 Medium Bead, 6 Small Beads

Continue this pattern of beads until your strand of beads is at least 26 inches long. I repeated this pattern 11 times for my necklace.

Once your strand of beads is long enough, slide the beads away from the knot at the end so that they are spaced evenly on the cord. For a 26 inch necklace on a 36 inch length of cord you should have 5 inches on either end.

Take the glued needle end of the cord and bring it around to the first bead and pass the end through the first bead starting at the side where the 5 extra inches of cord is hanging. The last bead should now be resting against the first bead.

Take the glued end of cord that is hanging at the end of the first bead and wrap it around the cord between the first and second beads, forming an overhand knot around the cord. Take your time to make sure that all the beads remain close together, with no gaps between them, especially the last, first and second beads.

Now take the other end with the knot and wrap that around the cord between the first and last beads, forming an overhand knot.

These two knots will hold your necklace together. Take the super glue and coat the knots so that they can not unravel. Once the glue has dried cut the extra cord off, taking care not to cut into the glued knots.

Drape your new necklace around your neck and stand in front of the mirror to admire your handiwork. You will be so pleased with yourself that you won't even notice if you are having a bad hair day.