Hand Knotted Rosary Beads

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These hand knotted Rosary Beads are an alternative to traditional chain Rosaries

I used Lapis Lazuli beads and Czech glass beads for this Rosary. The 4mm glass beads are used as spacer beads between the prayer beads. They take the place of the silver chain in a traditional Rosary. It just seemed easier to move from prayer bead to prayer bead with these extra beads. Try making them with and without these spacer beads and see which you prefer.

Material needed:

Thread a twisted wire beading needle with 175 inches of the beading cord. Double the cord and tie a knot at the end. Glue the knot and trim the short end of the cord off. String one of the bead tips and use chain nose pliers to close the bead tip around the knot.

To make the 5 decades of the Rosary string the beads in this order:

Finish this section by stringing a bead tip. Hold the bead tip in place by forming an over hand knot. With your thumb in the knot pull the knot against the bead tip and then slip a beading awl or a stiff beading needle in the knot loop. With the awl resting inside the bead tip, tighten the knot around the awl and then pull the awl out of the knot and finish tightening it. Glue the knot inside the bead tip and cut off the rest of the cord. Attach the strand of beads to the top of the Rosary center with the jump rings.

I use two sets of chain nose pliers to close jump rings. I hold each end of the jump ring in a set of pliers and wiggle the two sides until they match up.

Prepare the second strand of beads by stringing and closing a bead tip on the remaining bead cord. For this section the beads are strung in this order:

Finish this section with a bead tip. Attach one end of the strand to the bottom of the center, and attach the other end to the cross.

Rosary Beads