Garnet and Pearl Necklace

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Rhodolite Garnet and Pearl Necklace with 4 Dangles

This 21 inch necklace uses the following:

  • 80 4mm rhodolite garnet beads

  • 23 6mm white fresh water pearls

  • 4 6mm rhodolite garnet beads

  • 4 5mm corrugated sterling silver beads

  • 4 head pins

  • 2 bead tips and 1 filigree clasp

  • 100 inches size 2 nylon beading thread

  • 1 medium twisted wire beading needle and flat nose pliers for attaching the 4 dangles

Use a doubled strand of thread, knotted at the end to hold the beads. Start by stringing one of the bead tips.

String the beads in this order: 4 garnet beads, 1 pearl, finishing with 4 garnet beads.

Knots are placed between each bead.

The 4 dangles are created by stringing a silver bead, 6mm garnet and pearl on the 4 head pins. Each pin is then attached in the middle of the 9th through 12th set of garnet beads. Attach the dangles by forming a loop with the flat nose pliers around the bead cord. Trim the head pin with wire cutters to leave no gap between the beads and the loop.

Finish with a bead tip. Attach the clasp and enjoy!

Garnet and Pearl