Furnace Glass Necklaces

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Pastel Furnace Glass Necklace

You need the following to make this necklace

  • 18 furnace glass beads in various sizes
  • 18 5 x 5mm cubic Czech beads in various colors
  • 108 4mm clear round Czech beads
  • about 135 inches of size 3 white nylon thread

The order of the beads is

  • 1 furnace glass bead
  • 3 clear beads
  • 1 cubic bead
  • 3 clear beads

The finished necklace is 30 inches long. Knots are not placed between the furnace beads and surrounding Czech beads, as their holes are too large. You will find that some of the furnace beads have such large holes that they slip over the 4mm beads. I think this makes an interesting affect, so I just add another 4mm bead to adjust for spacing. This necklace does not have a clasp.

Pastel Necklace

Jeweltone Furnace Glass Necklace

Here is a similar necklace using crystals. This uses the following

  • 18 furnace glass beads
  • 18 8mm blue/green Czech crystals
  • 72 4mm copper round Czech beads
  • 36 4mm amber round Czech beads
  • about 160 inches brown size 3 nylon thread

The order of the beads is

  • 1 furnace glass bead
  • 1 copper bead, 1 amber bead, 1 copper bead
  • 1 crystal bead
  • 1 copper bead, 1 amber bead, 1copper bead

The finished length of this necklace is 36 inches. It is a bit longer because of the larger size of the crystals. I used the brown thread to give this necklace a different color tone. Look at the detail picture to see how the color of the knots adds to the look of this necklace.

Jeweltone Necklace