Fruit Bead Necklace

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Citrus Fruit Beads for a Tropical Look


10 each orange, lemon and lime beads
10 aqua cube beads
42 clear 4mm druk beads
21 peridot 4mm druk beads
2 bead tips
2 jump rings
1 lobster claw clasp
1 twisted wire beading needle
110 inches size 2 nylon beading cord 

Not knotting? Use seed beads between the druks and cubes (not between the fruit beads) to take the place of the knots, and you will only need 55 inches of beading cord.


Prepare cord by doubling through the twisted wire needle. Knot the cord at the end, glue and cut off ends. String one of the bead tips and then string the beads using the following pattern until all beads are strung. Finish with the second bead tip and attach the clasp.

clear druk, peridot druk, clear druk
lemon bead, orange bead, lime bead

Repeat this pattern alternating the fruit beads with an aqua cube bead until all of the beads have been strung.