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Sterling Charm Bracelet with Semi-Precious Gemstones

Make a sterling charm bracelet with semi-precious gemstone beads.

Materials for Project

  • 14 inches of 3.3 mm sterling silver figure eight chain
  • 7 semi-precious gemstone beads of your choice
  • 7 head pins
  • 2 silver jump rings
  • 1 silver lobster claw clasp

Tools Needed

  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers, 2 if wire wrapping
  • Wire Cutter

Double the silver chain in half and secure the two ends through one of the jump rings to form a 7 inch long chain.

Add the beads to the chain at regular intervals by looping the wire through both links of the doubled chain. Be careful to line the chain links up and to place the beads so they will all dangle on the same side of the chain loops.

You can either create a single rosary bead style loop to secure the beads on the chain as described in How to Make Chain Necklaces, or you can wrap the wire, as I did, for a more secure link.

I am very new to wire wrapping, but will give you a quick idea of how to do this.

First form a loop with the round nose pliers starting about 1/4 inch from the base of the bead. Leave the loop open enough and then slip it through the silver chain loops. Next, take one set of chain nose pliers and hold the loop with the pliers in one hand. Take the other set of chain nose pliers with your other hand and grab the end of the wire. Wrap it around the gap between the loop and the bead to form two or three rings. Leave the same amount of room between bead and loop for each charm so that you have the same number of rings.

I still have trouble determining how much space to leave for the wrapped wire, and my wire tends to get a bit dinged up by the time I am done fussing with each wrap. But, I like the look of wrapped wire and also not having to worry about loops opening up. This is definitely a practice makes perfect technique worth pursuing.

Once you have finished adding the bead charms, then finish by adding the clasp.

Click here to see a list of books available with more details on how to make jewelry to include working with chain and wire.

You may want to choose colors for your beads for the energy they provide. Here is a link to a Chakras color chart to help you find the right balance of energy.



Charm Bracelet