Traditional Chain Rosary Beads

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Here are instructions for making traditional chain and bead Rosaries

I have used Moss Agate beads for this Rosary. Material needed:

Tools required for this project:

The beads are placed on the eye pins and each eye pin attached to the next to form a chain. The order of the beads is:

The Our Father Bead set consists of:

Start the first decade with a 6mm moss agate bead on an eye pin. Place the bead on the eye pin and cut off ½ an inch of wire, leaving enough to form an eye loop. Form the loop with the round nose pliers. Leave the loop open so it can be attached to the next pin. Prepare the next bead the same way. Attach the closed, original eye, to the open eye on the first pin, and then close that pin. Continue in this manner until you have a chain consisting of 10 pins.

Prepare an Our Father Bead set by placing the beads indicated above on an eye pin. Trim the wire leaving enough to form the second eye loop.

Cut off 2 or 3 links of the sterling silver chain and attach one end to the decade of beads. Attach the other end to one end of the Our Father bead pin. Cut another set of silver chain links and attach them to the other end of the Our Father bead pin.

Repeat this process 3 more times, to complete four decades and the four Our Father beads. Prepare a fifth decade of 6mm Hail Mary beads, with out an Our Father bead set.

Attach the decades, starting the chain with a set of 6mm beads, and ending with a set of 6mm beads.

Attach each end of the chain to the top of the Rosary center with a jump ring. I use two sets of chain nose pliers to close the jump rings. I hold each end of the jump ring in a set of pliers and wiggle the two sides until they match up.

The order of the beads for the smaller chain for the cross is:

Put this chain together and attach one end to the bottom of the Rosary center, and the other end to the cross with jump rings.

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