Silver Chain Necklaces

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Silver Chain Necklace with Crystal Czech Beads

This necklace combines Czech crystals with sterling silver beads and cable chain. You need the following to make this necklace:

  • 6 8mm amethyst Czech crystal beads
  • 6 8mm blue Czech crystal beads
  • 12 5.5mm silver corrugated beads
  • 12 1 inch eye pins trimmed to fit 8mm beads
  • 12 half inch long eye pins for silver beads
  • about 2 feet of sterling silver diamond cut cable chain

Place the beads on the eye pins by following my instructions for making a chain necklace.

Once this is done assemble the bead components in this order:

silver bead, 5 links, blue bead, 5 links, silver, 5 links, amethyst, 5 links

Refer to my instructions for making a chain necklace to see how to attach each component. This necklace is just 24 inches long, and should probably have a clasp. Just substitute one of the silver beads for one. Start and end the necklace with 5 links. Attach the ends to jump rings, then add a clasp.

Crystal Chain necklace

India Bead Chain Necklace

Here is another chain necklace made with Indian glass beads. This necklace uses the following:

  • Odd shapes and sizes of East Indian glass beads

  • 2.5 ft. of sterling silver diamond cut cable chain

  • 20 inch long silver eye pins

Arrange the beads on the eye pins, putting one or two to fill the pin as needed. Then put the components together with 10 links between each eye pin. The finished length of this necklace is 38 inches, which might be too long for some, so just use fewer eye pins. But, remember to make it long enough to fit over your head, since there is no clasp.

India Chain Necklace