Fall Colors Necklace

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Amber and topaz beads mixed with green leaf beads give this necklace a fall foliage look

This necklace is made with vintage amber Japanese Fin beads and Czech glass beads. The beads remind me of early fall in New England when there is a mix of leaves still green and others that have changed already.

Beads used in this necklace:

  • 178 4mm topaz Czech glass beads
  • 12 10mm amber Japanese Fin beads
  • 26 6mm peridot Czech glass leaf beads
  • 1 sterling silver toggle clasp,3 jump rings and 3 bead tips
  • 132 inches topaz size 3 medium nylon beading cord
The vintage fin beads and Czech leaf beads are from BeadRoom.com

For this necklace I have created beaded loops between the focal beads by using two separate strands of bead cord.

Start with two 60 inch strands of cord. Stiffen each of the ends of the cord with krazy glue. String both strands through one of the beads tips. I did this by stringing one strand through, and then holding it to the side of the hole in the bead tip with the hand holding the tip, and then pushing the other strand through.

The necklace is made in this order:
  • Bead Loop
  • Leaf Cluster
  • Bead Loop
  • Amber Fin Bead
The main part of the necklace starts with a bead tip and bead loop and ends with a bead loop and bead tip. There are 26 loops. Here are the instructions for each section of the necklace:
  • Bead Loop:

    To make the bead loop string three of the 4mm topaz beads on one strand. Knot between the beads if you want the loops to be less stiff.

    Then string 3 more 4mm topaz beads on the second strand, and knot between them if desired.

    Form the loop by making a knot with both strands of the bead cord. Do not just tie the two strands together, instead take both strands and form an over-hand loop with them, and then snug the knot up against the beads. Use either the tri-cord knotter or a traditional knotting technique as described on the How to Knot page.

  • Leaf Cluster:

    Form the leaf cluster by stringing one leaf bead on each strand and then make an overhand knot with both strands.

  • Amber Fin Bead:

    Bring both strands of cord through the fin bead, and then form an overhand knot

  • Bead Dangles:

    Set up two 6 inch strands of bead cord, stiffened with krazy glue, and pull them through a bead tip.

    String 10 4mm topaz beads on one strand, with knots between for a more flowing look. Don't place a knot after the last topaz bead. String one leaf bead and wrap the cord around and place a knot between the leaf bead and last topaz bead.

    The second dangle is made the same way with 12 topaz beads.
Finish the necklace by attaching each end of the main part of the necklace to the toggle clasp parts with jump rings. Attach the dangles to the loop of the toggle with a jump ring.

Fall Colors