African Trade Bead Necklace

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Choker with African Trade Beads

This 16 inch necklace uses the following:

  • 22 7mm red white heart beads

  • 54 4mm amber frosted Czech beads

  • 2 15x10mm powered glass beads

  • 2 12x8mm seafoam green teardrop Indian beads

  • 1 14x10mm green fancy Indian Glass bead

  • 2 bead tips and 1 filigree clasp

  • 74 inches size 3 nylon beading thread

  • 1 medium twisted wire beading needle

Use a doubled strand of thread, knotted at the end to hold the beads. Start by stringing one of the bead tips and a 4mm amber bead.

Then string 9 white heart beads with two amber beads between each. Knots are made between the two amber beads.

Then string the following beads, all surrounded by two amber beads with knots between them:

teardrop bead, white heart bead, powdered bead, white heart bead, oval green bead, white heart bead, powdered bead, white heart bead, teardrop bead.

Continue with 9 more white heart beads surrounded by 2 amber beads, with knots between.

Finish with a 4mm amber bead and a bead tip. Attach the clasp and enjoy!

African Trade Beads