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Selecting Clasps and Bead Tips,   How to Include a Clasp

Selecting Clasps and Bead Tips

I always use fishhook clasps for my necklaces. Usually I use a large clasp with two .034" bead tips. These sizes work best with heavier threads. For lighter threads you will need to use smaller .029" bead tips in order to hold the tip in place with the end knot. Use a smaller clasp with the smaller bead tips.

When I design a necklace that will have a clasp I set up the pattern such that the clasp will take the place of a bead that is in the center of a group of beads. Just remember to consider where the clasp will go when setting up the order of your beads.

Bead Tip

How to Include a Clasp

Start out by threading your beading needle with the right length of doubled thread and then tie a knot at the end of the thread. Before stringing beads, first string one of the bead tips. Pull the needle through the loop end of the tip so that the end knot is on the inside of the loop. String your first bead, and even if you will be knotting your necklace, do not place a knot between the bead tip and first bead. The flat end of the bead tip should be resting next to the bead.

Then continue stringing and knotting the beads for your necklace. When you get to the last bead, don't place a knot after it. Instead add the second bead tip, pulling the needle through the flat end this time. Place a knot at the end inside the loop to secure the bead tip. To snug the knot up against the bead tip, try wrapping the knot over a beading awl and pulling the awl as close as possible to the inside of the tip. Then, slip the awl off the knot.

Your clasp should come with jump-rings attached. Slip each ring around an open loop on the bead tips and use the pliers to close each bead tip loop. Use super glue or clear nail polish to set the end-knots, so they don't unravel. You now have a finished necklace with a clasp.

I find that the bead tip loops will pull apart if your necklace gets snagged, so you should glue the tips closed with jewelers cement, or try E6000 silicon adhesive. Just make sure to let the adhesive dry for 24 hours for a secure bond. If your necklace is longer than 26 inches you can get a way with making your necklace without a clasp


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Selecting Clasps and Bead Tips,   How to Include a Clasp