How to Make Chain Necklaces

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Beads on Eye Pins,   Chain Links

Besides beads, you need the following to make chain necklaces:

  • Cable Chain by the Foot
  • Eye Pins
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

I also keep my beading awl and chain nose pliers handy for these projects.

Putting the Beads on the Eye Pins

Start by placing each bead on an eye pin. If necessary trim the eye pin with the wire cutters to the right size. Leave enough on the end of the eye pin so that you can create the second eye with the round nose pliers. When making the eye, try to line it up with the first one, so they both face the same way. For now leave the loop you have created open, since you will be attaching it to chain links. Also, open up the closed loop on the other end, since it will be attached to the chain links, too.

Cutting the Chain Links

Once your beads are all on the eye pins you can begin assembling the components. I cut the chain links as I go. I use the beading awl to help me count out the links I will be placing between each bead. If I will be using 5 links between each bead I cut the 6th link with the wire cutters. This cut link is then discarded. Attach one end of the cut length of chain to one of the open eyes on a bead component. The eye is then closed using the round nose pliers, and also the chain nose pliers as needed to line up the ends. Then take your next bead component and add that to the other end of the length of cut chain. Once this is done, cut your next length of chain and continue until all your bead components are attached to chain lengths.

For a continuous loop necklace, finish by attaching the first length of chain to the last bead component. To include a clasp, attach jump rings to the first and last chain lengths, and then add the clasp to the jump rings as shown in the instructions for necklaces with a clasp.

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Beads on Eye Pins,   Chain Links