A New Look for an Old Necklace

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Restringing an Old Necklace

Don't pass up an old necklace that catches your eye, just because there are a few flaws in it. You know what to do, you can put your own spin on it!

I found this necklace on eBay. The listing said that one of the large beads had a chip in it, but I was still interested, because I knew that I could restring it without that bead and still have a necklace that had the same look as the original.

The original version of this necklace has an interesting pattern. Instead of having a repeat of beads throughout the necklace, this design provides symmetry by having each side of the necklace mirror the other. Still, I decided that the overall look was too busy, so I decided to rearrange things, add some new beads, and not use all of the odds and ends beads found in the original.

I added green 4mm Czech glass beads and some amber 8mm oval Czech glass beads. These beads work well with the original beads and allowed me to add a repeating theme to the overall necklace, for a less busy look. Both versions of this necklace are about 21 inches long. This is a good length for a necklace with such large focal beads.

Also, notice that now there are only three large focal beads in the re-design. This means that one of these will rest in the center of the necklace, for a more balanced look. It is always a good idea to use an odd number of focal beads, or to place the largest bead at the center of a design. The necklace will tend to rearrange itself with the larger bead at the center, anyway. Gravity is like that!

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