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Two New Necklace Designs for Focal Beads

What is a focal bead? It is one big beautiful bead that you can't resist. A bead can be a work of art in and of itself, and the rest of the beads that you use are just the framework for properly displaying it.

With this in mind I have created two new necklaces to show off focal beads by artist Mitra Totten. Her beads and creations are available at Glassotica. These are lampworked beads, and there is a wonderful overview of the art of lampworking at the Glassotica site.

To showcase these beads I combined Swarovski crystals with semi-precious gemstone beads in the same colors as the focal beads. Mixing different types of beads adds texture to a necklace, while repeating the colors of the focal beads adds harmony and balance.