Cloth Clown Dolls and the Story of Clarey the Clown

Here is the original Clarey Clown Doll. He is pictured here sitting next to my first hand made cloth doll, Clarey the II. Clarey was attacked by our pet dog, Sam, and underwent cosmetic surgery by my Mom. His face is hand drawn with magic markers. I was so relieved that my Mom was able to save poor Clarey!

Notice the toes on Clarey the II are pointed out and his thumbs are pointed down? .... hadn't quite figured out the toes up, thumbs up thing yet. Clarey II is a 27 inch doll made by modifying Simplicity pattern 9447 for Raggedy Ann and Andy. I changed the shape of the face, and modified Andy's outfit to make Clarey's clown suit. His face is an iron on transfer. I drew his face on the computer and printed it on special iron on transfer paper that you can get from Avery or Hewlett Packard.

This is Clarey the III. He is a 20 inch doll made with inspiration and some of the pattern pieces from the book "Making Rag Dolls" by Juanita Clarke. I drew the face on the computer for this Clarey, as well, but embroidered it, rather than using an iron on transfer.

Here we have all three Clarey dolls hanging out together. Aren't they the cheeriest dolls you have ever seen?

Vintage Clowns

Clarey has two new vintage friends from eBay. Bid on Clown Dolls from eBay

The original Clarey on the day we met. He is waiting patiently for me to discover and fall in love with him.

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